Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sioux Falls

Ahhh the fresh Sioux Falls air has felt so good these past few days. I always thought that being in Sioux Falls would be really hard for me, seeing as Bryan and I lived here for almost 7 years. But, honestly, IT FEELS GOOD! A part of me feels like I am home. Every where I look is a memory of a good time spent with friends, a laugh shared, a simple kiss and a meaningful conversation. This is where we spent 80% of our lives together, where we made our first home for ourselves, and where we had our beautiful son. When I am here... I feel Bryan... I feel whole again.

My best friend and roommate in college, Tiffany Worthley, and I decided to make a spontaneous decision and signed up to run a 5k on Sunday. I have never been a runner...EVER. Bryan always wanted me to go out on runs with him and instead I would opt out and just chill on the couch with a soda in one hand and the remote in the other. Bryan always wanted to run a marathon and train for a triathlon... so I am working towards doing those things for him... doing those things for me.

So, Tiffany and I set out last night and made three laps around the Augustana campus (exactly 3.1 miles) and I could not help but think... that Bryan would be proud. Here I am, his little couch potato, busting it out and running the same paths that he once ran while he was on the Augie track team. For the first time since his passing, I felt like he was proud of me... which is a really good feeling to have.

Tonight Tiffany and I are making tye-dye Bryan t-shirts and running the race in his name tomorrow. Although I know that I am not the most athletic or healthy person out there... I am going to continue to push myself and run every race for Bryan that I can.

This is for you Monkey... I love you.


  1. I know that Bryan is proud of you and I'm sure that he was running the race along with you. Love you, Lori

  2. It was wonderful meeting you in Minneapolis. Thank you so much for coming to the Celebration. - Kate