Saturday, January 16, 2010

My little boy is all grown up

Owen had a wonderful Christmas. Although it was hard to get through the day without Bryan, Owen put a smile on all of our faces and really made the holidays manageable. A group of local girl scouts generously adopted Owen and I this past Christmas and really made our holiday start off on a happy note. A dozen plus girls purchased gifts for us, decorated them with hand made cards and letters, and delivered them to our front door. Looking at the pile of 50 or so gifts was so jaw-dropping and life changing. It really made me realize how giving and truly selfless people can be. Owen and I will be forever grateful to the Alexander family and the wonderful girl scouts that made our Christmas so special. I only hope that I can somehow return the favor someday.

On Christmas Eve 2009 we awoke to the best surprise ever...Owen had received his first two bottom teeth. It was the best Christmas gift... or most exciting one at least. I know that Bryan would have freaked. Just seeing Owen's big bright grin with two brand new pearly whites, was enough to put a smile on my face and make my day. Our families came together this year through love and support and made Owen's first Christmas a memorable one. Owen received many wonderful gifts... a teddy bear (that we call daddy-bear) made out of the shirt that Bryan wore when Owen was born, mega blocks, books, clothes, and so much more. He had a lot of fun unwrapping all of his gifts and tearing into the boxes. It was fun to watch him get excited when he saw something he liked and wanted to play with NOW. I too was spoiled and was given an i-pod touch and an amazing Cannon Rebel camera. Now I can continue to take photos of my beautiful boy and post them for the world to see!

Another thing that Owen decided to try out around Christmas was walking. Although he is not fully walking on his own yet, he can stand up by himself for 3o plus seconds. His new thing is walking around the house on all fours like a gorilla. I always knew he was a monkey at heart. I have a feeling that in a few weeks my little man will be tearing around the house. Part of me is excited to see his little 30 inch tall body run around every where but another part of me is afraid that I will not be able to get anything done. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Although they were fun, the holidays wore both Owen and I out. We were ready for 2009 to end and 2010 to begin. Hopefully this year will be a little easier than last year. The video above pretty much sums up how Owen and I both feel .....EXHAUSTED!