Thursday, April 8, 2010

Owen is ONE!

Owen turned one on March 19th, 2009. After four and a half hours of labor my beautiful little boy was born at 11:04 am in Sioux Falls, SD. It is so hard to believe that one year has passed and he is no longer a baby but is becoming a little man. Although we have had a very hard year, I am grateful for all of the joys that Owen has brought to my life. Even though he knows how to throw some amazing temper tantrums and he loves to hit me in the face, his kisses and snuggles make it all worth it. He is my little miracle.

On Owen's official birthday Auntie Rachel, Uncle Bob, my good friend from college Tiffany, and I took him to the Maple Grove indoor pool. I thought for sure that he was going to be a little apprehensive and timid.... and he was the exact opposite. Sticking his head under water, kicking his fat little thighs like a maniac, and crawling around on all fours...he was a natural. He had so much fun and did NOT want to leave. But, after he had mastered the underwater face plunge and walking on his own in the shallow water, we decided that we had better go home and get ready for a nap. More importantly, his pamper was sagging down past his knees.

After a warm bath and a good nights sleep Owen's first birthday celebration began with a bang. We packed the house with about 15 animals then added roughly 45 people to the mix. From turkey's to puppies to guinnea pigs to rabbits... Owen had the best first animal farm ever. I really wanted to do something fun and memorable for his big day. I was lucky enough to have my grandpa Jake bring some baby animals for everyone to play with. Two party goers even left with puppies (Uncle Jeff and Auntie Tiffy with Will-E and Sandi with Oliver).

Owen is so blessed to have such an amazing family and received many great gifts... too many to count. He was so well-behaved that day. I know that Bryan would have been so proud of his son. I know I was. From sharing his favorite blanket and toys to calmly opening his gifts... he really acted like a big boy.
After he demolished the cake and covered his body in frosting we headed up to the bath and all of our guests went home. Owen had a wonderful birthday. It was really a day of celebration. Although this past year has been the worst ever, one good thing has come out of it and that is OWEN. I really wanted to celebrate him, and I can honestly say, I think that we did an amazing job! I love you Monkey Boy. Even though you are getting older you will always be my little baby:)