Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All grown up... or so he thinks

This past month has brought about many "big boy" changes in Owey's little life... in my life too... I guess.

The tiny baby that I once held with one arm... is now 30 pounds and very smart and independent.

After many internal battles and tears, I decided that it was time for me to let my little baby grow up and become a small man.

So, on May 27th we took down the crib...
the crib that Bryan and I picked out together...
the crib that Bryan spent over an hour putting together...
Owen moved into his big boy bed.

We put up pirate stickers... organized his books and toys... and set up his big boy bed.
The same bed that his father slept on when he was a child...
The same bed that Bryan and I cuddled on when we first started dating...
The same bed that Owen's cousin Brendan used when he was in town visiting.

After Owen brushed his teeth (on his new amazing stool from papa Lloyd) he climbed into bed... gave me a kiss... and said "night momma".

Surprisingly, he slept through the night and ever since then has not attempted to climb out. Forcing me to realize yet again that my little man is no longer a baby... that he is growing up.

Not only has Owen made the transition to a big boy bed... but he has formed a new independence outside as well.

He no longer needs me to hold his hand when he is playing in his pool...
he doesn't need me to wipe the water from his eyes when he splashes his face with water...
he doesn't need me to carry his toys and help him play.

Owen has formed his own personality and has really become a little man these past few months. From swimming in his pool to searching for bugs... Owen has embraced this summer whole heatedly and proven to me that he is going to be one amazing adult some day.

He has the same loving carefree nature that his father once had...

A love for life and nature that is so strong... and yet so rare.

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  1. I hope that you and Owen are doing well. It's been a while since your last post, but I still check often to see if you're coming back around. Best wishes to you both.