Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

On March 8th, 2010 Owen visited the zoo for the first time. I knew that he was going to love it, but I didn't know how much. My good friend Nicki came along to help me hold Owen, push his stroller, and take pictures. Although we sort of looked like a three ring circus, we managed to see most of the exhibits before close at 4pm.

Our first stop was the tropics exhibit. Of course Owen had to crawl out his stroller right away and attempt to walk the winding path. He really liked all of the noises and people watching, that was until we got to the ducks! Just like his father... he loved watching the ducks. I am sure that he recognized the duck noises seeing as Bryan always used his duck calls when I was pregnant and when Owen was small. Owen just looked over the ledge and quacked back. I could see the excitement and awe on his face. After spending a good 20+ minutes watching small ducks dive in and out of water, I was finally able to pull Owen away from the ledge. I do have to admit though that they were pretty amazing ducks.

Our next stop was the Minnesota exhibit. It was so awesome to see the wolves and raccoons and wild turkeys up close and personal. We also managed to somehow time it just right because when we stopped to see the wolves and coyote's they were being fed. Owen got to push his chubby little checks up to the window and watch them eat rats just 5 feet away. While most people would find that disgusting and wrong, my son pushed his face closer to the glass and barked like a dog. Once again, he is his fathers son.

After I was finally able to pull Owen and Nicki away from the coyote's, we headed out of the Minnesota exhibit and into the Russian wilderness. Although it was cold and rainy outside, the walk was worth it. All of the leopards were outside and very close to the fences. I was able to get some amazing pictures and Owen was able to see the big kitties up close and personal. I am pretty sure that I was more afraid of them then he was. He tried really hard to jump out of my arms and work his way behind the fences to cuddle up with the large kitties. I am still trying to teach him how to meow because he seems to think every animal barks.

Owen had a wonderful day at the zoo and after getting a toy moose and giraffe, he was ready to head home and take a nap in the car. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to go to the zoo for the first time with my son and good friend Nicki. Although the weather was crappy and the drive was long...we had a great time! I cannot wait to take him again sometime soon.


  1. What a great outing! Can't wait till we can all go together with Brendan as our tour guide. Especially exciting will be Owen's first visit to see the Prairie Dogs! Love Me-Ma Prairie XOXOXOXO

  2. Owen really does love where the wild things are. Well at least wild things in captivity.

    Great photos. You should submit these to the zoo and see if they will use them in their marketing materials.

    Love ya,