Saturday, November 21, 2009


Owen turned 8 months old on Thursday and for his big birthday, he decided that he was going to crawl with his belly off of the ground and pull himself up onto the couch. I am now officially a very busy mommy. Owen does not just crawl to his toys, he crawls all over the house. His favorite thing is to tear up all of grandma's magazines, so he heads over to her magazine shelf as soon as I set him down on the floor. Goodbye to the days where I could just set him down on the floor and clean my room and do laundry. Goodbye to the days where I could get ready in the morning while he watched Barney with Penny. Goodbye to the days where I could run to the bathroom quick while he looked at his books.

Bryan always talked about how he could not wait to see Owen crawl and walk. I think he was most excited to teach him how to hunt, fish, and play sports... all of which he had to wait to do till he was mobile. It is hard to watch Owen grow and overcome all of these big milestones without Bryan here with us. When I am sad, I just have to remind myself that he is with us and he is with Owen, guiding his every move and step. I am reminded that Owen has his daddy whispering in his ear whenever I ask Owen to say mama... because he always responds with "dada". I know that is Bryan's doing.

Owen not only decided to crawl and balance on furniture this week, but last night at 10:00 he decided to crawl up the stairs. It was not like he had to make a few attempts either. He literally crawled over to the stairs and went up. I know that Bryan would be so proud of his little man.


  1. I can't WAIT to see that little man in less than a month! AND...I was TOTALLY gonna buy those monkey pj's at Target! I figured they would be boughten by someone before I could send them...

    Bryan is all around you & Owen, Ashley. There is no place else he would rather be.

  2. um this is the coolest video ever!!!

  3. Ashley,

    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing, love for your son and family and really beautiful photos.

    Bryan is present in your lives, that is clear to those on the outside.

    Please keep writing. And quilting!

    My best,

    Bonnie Ricci